Whether It's New Construction or a Tenant Improvement...

No matter the scale or scope of your construction project, Wenzel Development has you covered from the initial design to the finished build.

We begin every new business relationship with a thorough and carefully detailed bid. Each component is important and can potentially affect budget and timelines. We strive to get it right from the start so that every client can be confident and fully satisfied with the outcome of their project.

New Construction

New Construction

Done right, from the ground up.

Starting a blank slate construction process can be exciting, because it’s often the realization of a long term goal, or the beginning of a new stage for a business or organization. However, this time can also be intimidating, because many people find it difficult to know where to begin. That’s where Wenzel Development comes in, to guide every project from this initial design phase, through the completion of the building.

Thanks to our incredibly thorough approach to every aspect of a new construction project, we provide you with a bid and project plan so detailed and precise that we can help ensure your project comes in on time and on budget. Striving for this as an ideal outcome is what we do with every project, helping clients rest easy, and be fully satisfied with their new building.

Tenant Improvements

Tenant Improvements

Built to fit you and the space perfectly.

At Wenzel Development we understand the excitement of finding the perfect location for your business and the need to make the perfect space for your operations. We’re here to partner with you in the tenant improvement process, and to guide you where guidance is needed.

Maximizing the usability of your location by working creatively within the constraints that the existing building imposes takes knowledge, experience, and attention to detail. We work hard and smart to craft your space to fit your requirements, make your vision a reality and put your unique stamp on your location.

Remodeling & Renovations

Remodeling & Renovations

Done the right way, and done before you know it.

When it comes to remodeling and renovations, Wenzel Development is here to help our clients turn their visions into blueprints, and then turn those prints into their dream space. We are partners in walking the line between what is possible and what our clients envision, so that every one of our remodeling and renovation projects combines their desires with sound construction.

Whether a client is making minor changes to their existing space or completely redesigning and renovating, we advise how to make the process as discreet as we can, so that their operations are interrupted the least amount possible.

Design Management

Design Management

Our expertise saves time and money.

We work with architects, engineers, and owners to tie the construction project together. During the design phase of the project, we make ourselves available to determine project feasibility, cost analysis, schedule comparison, and value engineering. We are here from the beginning to help clients realize their vision.

From initial blueprints to subcontractor management to the grand opening, and everything in between, our commitment to design management eliminates stress for our clients, so they can keep doing what they do best. However, we always keep the lines of communication open for feedback and input from the client, so they never feel left out of the project.

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